How to Play PUBG Mobile and PC Free following Ban (Step-by-Step)

How to Play PUBG Mobile and PC Free following Ban (Step-by-Step)

PUBG Banned in Pakistan – How to Play PUBG Mobile Free following Ban Step-by-Step guide

pubg ban in pakistan From last several months, speculations were in the air regarding PUBG (player unknow’s battleground) Ban in countries like Pakistan and India. Finally, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) in an unprecedented move has banned PUBG in Pakistan from July 1 onward.  The tough call by PTA came in as an aftermath of the rise in teenage suicidal cases after plunging in depression after playing this popular online game.

Available both on for PC and Mobile, PUBG (player unknow’s battleground) had a huge fan following worldwide since its release back in 2017. It was no different in Pakistan as hundreds of thousands of teenagers became a big fan of this online game. Even the PUBG chant-like ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’ is famous among the non-gamers out there in Pakistan. player unknow’s battleground

PUBG Banned in Pakistan

So, talking about the current situation where ‘PUBG banned in Pakistan’ is there in headlines with people voicing against or in support of this suspension held by PTA. The huge outcry from the PUBG fans across Pakistan has left them with the only question ‘How to Unban PUBG in Pakistan?’. It should be noted here that Pakistan isn’t the only country to ban PUBG as previously Nepal did so back in April 2019. Though this ban couldn’t stay long there in Kathmandu and was reverted within 2 weeks as Nepal’s Supreme Court interfered.

Following that one thing is clear that the current move by PTA regarding PUBG ban in Pakistan is a temporary suspension, which may get reversed from the apex court. Even if that not happens, there are a multitude of ways to play PUBG in Pakistan.

Reason Behind PUBG Ban in Pakistan?

PTA announced a Press Release on June 1 pushing for PUBG’s temporary suspension in Pakistan. Citing the reasons behind that, the regulatory authority said, “PTA has received numerous complaints against PUBG wherein it is stated that the game is addictive, wastage of time and poses a serious negative impact on the physical and psychological health of the Children pubg ban in pakistan.”

It will be pertinent to mention here that just within last week 2 PUBG related suicides took place in Punjab’s capital, Lahore. The reasons behind such cases are failing in accomplishing PUBG missions and then hanging themselves with the ceiling fan. This isn’t the very first-time such cases have become the talk of the town, previously dozens of mental health deteriorating cases pushed people to ask for a ban on this game deteriorating mental health.

PUBG Banned in China?

Pakistan isn’t the first country to ban this game alleged for ‘inciting violence’ and ‘causing depression’. Previously, Nepal also forced a ban on this iconic game but failed to stop citizens from playing this game. As for China, PUBG was never banned but taken down by Tencent Games after not getting the required approval from the Government, Instead PUBG was replaced by the makers themselves with a patriotic game backed with a socialist theme. The game named ‘Force for Peace’ had the same graphic design and characters as of PUBG. Even the users were allowed to carry their PUBG rankings and in-game items in for this government-approved game.

PUBG amid Coronavirus Worldwide!

COVID-19-Stricken people worldwide, confined in the home had little entertainment during these testing times. Online games popularity sky-rocketed as it was one ultimate way to kill boredom. That’s when already on a roll, popular online game PUBG topped the charts of the highest grossing mobile game worldwide for the month of March and May. The South Korean game raked in US$226 million and US$232 million for the following months respectively.

PUBG Banned in Pakistan – Things You Need to Know?

PUBG is restricted in Pakistan, you may call it a ban or temporary suspension. The crux of the matter is you can’t play this game from your Pakistani IP address. So now many of the Pakistanis are relying on Cloud Fare for changing WIFI settings and accessing the game. On the other hand, PUBG VPN is one quick and easy solution, but there’s a plot twist as this can put your PUBG ID on stake pubg ban in pakistan.

There’s no rocket science over this ID suspension as this one is against Tencent’s rules of playing the game using fake ISP. Even if you download VPN and start playing the game, it may work for a while, but once it is detected by PUBG authorities, they will straightaway suspend your PUBG ID.

But worry not, we have got a solution for all the PUBG Fans here in Pakistan:

PUBG Banned in Pakistan

How to Play PUBG in Pakistan using Free VPN for PUBG PC and Mobile

Step 1: Install any reputable VPN from Google Play. Please Check Reviews and Ratings for that.

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Step 2: Go to VPN Settings and Turn it On

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Step 3: As you already have PUBG installed, please open it.

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Step 4: Start Game, but wait and Go back to vpn.

how to play pubg in pakistan
How to Play PUBG Mobile
how to play pubg in pakistan

Step 5:  Minimize PUBG App and head back to turnoff VPN

How to Play PUBG Mobile

Step 6: Go back to PUBG game and start playing without fear of PUBG ID suspension.

How to Play PUBG on PC via Emulator using VPN following PUBG Ban in Pakistan?

Step 1: Search Windscribe VPN on Google and download it for Free from Official Site.

Step 2: Download Gameloop Emulator (for Windows) from Softonic or any other places or download it from it official website.

Note: Gameloop is Tencent’s officially backed Emulator for Playing Android Games on PC –Highly Recommended for PUBG

Step 3: Setup Gameloop and Download PUBG           

Step 4: Setup Windscribe VPNand Turn it on

Step 5: Start PUBG via Gameloop Emulator, but wait…

Step 6: Turn off Windscribe VPN

Step 7: Go back playing PUBG on PC and it will work fine without getting you banned

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